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MO:Astray Speedrun Competition

Event Time: 2020.09.10 (Thu)-10.25 (Sun)

Emergency message from the depths of the lab!!!
Get MO back to its original form asap!!!

First round of the MO: Astray Speedrun Competition begins!

Players!Are you ready!?

Record a video of you beating the game in Speed Mode within the shortest time!

for a chance to bring home a prize!


- How to Participate -


This event is not limited to the Nintendo Switch or PC version. Please update the PC version to MO: Astray v1.3.1

*  Players must clear all levels first in order to open up the Speed Mode option.


Start a Speed Mode playthrough. Record a video of you beating the game in Speed Mode within the shortest time possible and upload it to Youtube.

*  Your whole video must fully display the Speed Mode timer.

( For rules on uploading video submissions please see below )


Go to the MO: Astray Speedrun Competition registration form and fill in the information. The registration will be complete after you send out the form.


- Total Prizes: 3,300 USD -

Method of Evaluation

Ranking Prize : The eleven players with the fastest time that have also successfully registered will obtain a reward.

Popularity Prize : After the official judgment has been made, two players with the video that receives the highest click-through rate and who have successfully registered will obtain a reward.

Lucky Prize : Every week we'll draw 5 players from those who have successfully registered. A total of twenty players will win a reward.

USD 1,600

USD 1,000

USD 300

Exceptional Prize (4th ~ 11th)

8 people

USD 50

Lucky Prize

2 people

USD 50

Random Drawing

20 Winners

Physical Products

Product Pic

* Every Monday we'll draw out 5 lucky winners of the Lucky Prize and announce their names on the official Facebook page.

- How to submit a video -

Step 1. Video Title Format :
- MO: Astray_SR XX:XX:XX _Video Notes (This part is up to you)
- Example: MO: Astray_SR 05:20:20_(MyMOisthefastest)

Step 2. Words for the description box on Youtube :

#MO_Astray #Speedrun #Rayark

Step 3. When uploading your video to YOUTUBE, please select the following options :

" Is this video made for kids? "

 ●No, this video was not made for children

Step4. Visibility :

● Public

- Ranking Board -

1.  MonStahLer 00:59:28.88
2.  哈綠 01:00:08.47
3.  Smallwhite0 01:00:41.26
4.  ITSK33N 01:02:48.85
5.  Xephros 01:07:42.70
6.  lunatec 01:08:59.39
7.  DiPe 01:12:17.58
8.  Ero 01:13:42.13
9.  Sivilug 01:17:16.12
10. Flaming 01:18.31.72

※ We'll update every Monday for the first 3 weeks. On the week of 10/19 (Monday), we'll update every day.

Due to the number of submissions, the current leaderboards are ordered according to the contestants' times. When the competition is over, we will verify the top 10 videos. If there is any activity that is against the rules, that ranking spot will be replaced by the contestant under it.

- Watch Speed Runs -



















- Important Info -

Please Note

Before participating in this event, please carefully read the following.

Once you have submitted a submission, it will be taken to mean that you agree to the regulations for this submission event:

1. You can send in submission videos more than once; each time you submit a video, you need to go to the MO: Astray Speedrun Competition registration form and fill in the registration form again. If the registration info or video do not meet the regulations specified by Rayark, the video will not be qualified to participate.

2. All participants who successfully registered before 23:59 ( UTC+8 ) on the Sunday of the week of the draw will participate in that week's Lucky Prize draw.

3. Participants must guarantee that the video submitted was completed by the participant, that the participant has all related rights to the video (including copyrights), has the right to submit the video and grants Rayark the right to use the video.

4. Participants must guarantee that the video does not contain any plagiarism, is not illegally used, does not infringe on other's rights, or violates any laws. If any of the above conditions result in a dispute, the participant must bear full legal responsibility.

5. Participants agree to grant Rayark the right to republish, reproduce, edit, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, or use in any other form the participant's submitted video without compensation and for an indefinite length of time for the purposes of marketing, promotion, etc. ( For example: Publish the video on Rayark's Facebook page or other official channels )

6. If the participant is a minor or of limited capacity, the participant must first obtain agreement from their guardian before participating.

7. Plug-in programs, cheat extensions, any unauthorized third-party software, using loopholes in the game's program, or any other unfair practices are strictly prohibited; fraud by means of editing the video or post-production is also prohibited.

8. Participants must follow the directions on the event website, complete the indicated actions, and fill in basic information about the participant in order to be qualified to win a prize.

9. Participants must provide correct and accurate knowledge when registering, follow the directions provided on the event website, and complete the actions indicated in order to be qualified to participate. If any of the above are violated and harm is caused to the rights or benefits of Rayark or a third-party, the participant will bear full legal responsibility.

10. Detailed content about rewards and their specifications will be measured by the actual object; those who win a reward cannot request to change their reward.

11. Winners of the "cash prize" must possess an account that can accept new Taiwanese dollars ( NTD ), American dollars ( USD ), or Japanese yen ( JPY ). Please note that the rewards for differing currencies are not completely equal.

12. Tax is included in the prizes displayed on the list.


13. Tax will be deducted according to the laws and regulations of this country or the country where the winner is located. For example, if a citizen of this country were to win and the reward amount surpassed $20,000 NTD, Rayark would deduct 10% tax. If the winner refuses to deduct the taxes after being notified by Rayark, it will be taken to mean that the participant has given up the right to receive the reward, and that specific reward will not be awarded to another participant.

14. If the participant's submission violates the notices or regulations of this event, Rayark will cancel the participant's qualification to participate and will revoke all related rewards.

15. The event ends on 10/25 (Sun) at 23:59 (UTC+8). Submissions that do not match the event time will not qualify. If there are two records that are the same time, the first to upload the submission will be given the higher ranking. Rayark reserves the right to revise or terminate this event at any time. All changes or important details will be posted to official social media accounts or this website, without further notice.

16. Since any dispute that arises as a result of this event is subject to the laws of the Republic of China, both parties agree that the district courts of Taipei, Taiwan shall be the competent court of first instance in a case of litigation that arises as a result of this event.

17. Rayark reserves the right to revise, pause, or terminate this event at any time. All changes or important details will be posted to official social media accounts or this website, without further notice.


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